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#4 – What’s Up Digital Lending?

#004 – Paving the way for worldwide investments in digital loans and assets / Romy Ritter & Luca Frignani, Exaloan
In this episode, we are speaking about the Frankfurt/Germany based Fintech Exaloan AG which provides convenient technology for institutional investments in digital loans and assets. Its mission is to close the global funding gap that exists to the disadvantage of individuals and corporates by connecting institutional capital with digital lending platforms. What kind of challenges do investors face when dealing with the global digital lending market? How coping the macroenvironment, especially the rising interest rates and the pressure on the creditworthiness, when building up a digital portfolio? What’s up with tokenized digital loans? These and many more questions get discussed.
Guest: Romy Ritter, COO, and Luca Frignani, Co-Founder & CEO with Exaloan.
Host: Constantin Fabricius, Managing Director with the German Digital Lending Association.
Please note: The content of this podcast is expressly not to be considered investment advice, but is intended solely for your information.For the complete episode click here please.