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New Voting & Fee Rules Approved

The General Meeting unanimously approved several amendments and supplements to our Voting & Fee Rules. The most important changes concern the fees for the Ordinary Membership. 
As with the previous fee reductions in 2020, 2021, and 2022, the aim of the General Meeting is to further adjust the fee levels in Para. 2 Sec. 4 in order to become even more appealing to new members in the „Digital Lender“ category. The final values for fee levels 1 and 2 have now been reached and should apply for the time being. Only fee level 3 will remain at the current level of EUR 20,000 – in order to ensure secure funding of the DLA also by those members who can and want to afford this fee level.
The now very considerable differences in the fee amounts are reflected in the changed voting shares. Every Ordinary Member still has the option of voluntarily paying a higher annual contribution in order to gain a higher voting weight. The Executive’s Board aim is, however, to reduce the level 3 fee to EUR 10k and the number of votes to 6 as early as 2025.

Beyond that, other amendments in the Header, Preamble and Para. 1 – 4 are mainly subsequent changes; necessary in particular due to the rebranding of the association in 2023. In addition, the new sentence 3 in the preamble clarifies that the German version is prevailing. This supplement is in particular intended to make it easier for the German authorities (tax office, register of associations), which are responsible for the DLA, to work with the Voting and Fee Rules and to avoid any room for interpretation on their side.

Please find here the latest Fee & Voting Rules in English and German.