17 Jul: Quarterly Briefing 2/24

As the summer months move forward and the European Football Championship with Spain as winner lies behind us, we are thrilled to brief you on the latest updates from the world of Digital Lending in our July newsletter. In this edition, we will explore again the most important advancements and accomplishments in and around the DLA.

08 Jul: Annual Report 2023

Our Annual Report for the year 2023 is out. Full of information on our public affairs and public relations activities, financial accounts and the outlook for the next year. Herewith we meet the requirements of the transparency initiative of Transparency International in which we participate voluntarely.

06 Jun: We Celebrate Our 5th Birthday!

We would like to thank all of our 7 founders, our 31 members and the many friends and supporters of our association. We have already had and we will have many great moments in the future. Let's rock the next 5 years together!