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Patrick Stäuble: “We power the future of lending together!”

Teylor AG from Zurich in Switzerland is one of our newest members. Patrick Stäuble, Founder and CEO, talks about the start-up of his company, the business model as well as the motivation to become a member of the DLA.


DLA: Dear Patrick, why did you found your company?

Patrick Stäuble: Before Teylor I worked as a Product Manager and later Head of Business Development for another fintech in Zurich that was focusing on B2C banking products. At the time, B2C banking saw a massive wave of digital transformation which added significant value for both users and banks. However, B2B banking, and especially SME lending, even today still largely relies on manual processes and does not have nearly the same level of digital maturity as B2C banking. German SMEs have to wait weeks and even months to get a loan from a traditional bank. As a result of outdated processes, most German banks lose money on SME lending. Private debt investors also shy away from SME lending, because the due diligence involved is cumbersome and time consuming. The goal of Teylor is to solve these structural challenges of SME lending for borrowers, banks and investors, bringing SME lending into the 21st century.

DLA: What exactly is the business model of your company?

Patrick Stäuble: We monetize our self-built lending technology in three ways: First, we provide digital SME loans through the Teylor platform. Second, we enable professional investors to invest in our debt vehicles and earn interest on our loan portfolio. Third, we offer our technology to financial institutions as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products. Our SaaS offering also includes a Lending-as-as-Service product, that enables B2B suppliers to broker Teylor loans directly on their website, and an AI-enabled Analyst Toolkit, that allows everyone to easily analyse any company to make better credit decisions.

DLA: Why was it important for you to become a member of our trade body?

Patrick Stäuble: We believe Digital Lending will unlock enormous economic value, as it leads to more efficient capital flows within the economy. However, the challenge to digitise SME lending is massive: The German SME lending market has a size of more than €100bn and only a small portion of this lending is done through digital platforms. Therefore we want to team up with other players in this space who share our vision and have a collaborative mindset. We hope to find such team players at the DLA, to exchange knowledge, leverage synergies and power the future of lending together.

DLA: Thank you very much for the interview, Patrick. Glad you’re part of our organisation now.


Foto credits: Caroline Pitzke, Berlin