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Workshop on Cybersecurity, Data Protection & Cloud Management


10/17/2023, 10am – 1pm



Cyber-attacks continue to increase in number and have increasingly serious consequences. Organizations that can best handle business, economic and operational incidents also have the best IT security strategy for cyberattacks. Organizations must anticipate that a cyberattack could occur at any time and develop appropriate strategies for recovering critical operations and data. This is the only way to ensure optimal resilience. But what does the ideal security architecture look like? What insurance policies do I need to think about? What needs to be considered with regard to the use of the cloud?

Get an insight based on real-life cases and learn how to prevent and identify risks as well as how to react and recover data as quickly as possible.



    • The different aspects of cyber risks from Aon’s perspective
    • Real-life claims cases
    • The right handling of cyber risks
    • Insurance solutions: minimum requirements and stumbling blocks to obtain adequate insurance protection
    • Real-life examples: „From the right risk assessment to adequate insurance cover“
    • Introduction to DORA, the EU Regulation on Digital Operational Resilience for the Financial Sector


    • DORA legal requirements
    • Governance of Cyber Security
    • Data protection: From the general requirements everyone should know, to the more challenging issues, such as US data transfer
    • How do I keep track of the jungle of regulations?
    • What must at least be in place so that I don’t have a problem tomorrow?


    • Possible areas of application and advantages of cloud use in the financial services environment
    • Overview of cloud compliance – Which requirements are relevant for my company?
    • Cloud Service Provider Management – How do I efficiently manage the compliance of the cloud service provider?
    • Overview of cloud security – What security challenges exist in cloud use?
    • Project example for the development and implementation of a holistic cloud security and compliance monitoring system


    • Introduction to the Unified Patent Court
    • Implications for the Liability Risks in the Use of Intellectual Property


This seminar is designed for all managers and personnel who would like to obtain fundamental information about IT security and cyber risks as well as corporate data protection and cloud management. It is aimed in particular at IT security officers, emergency officers, company data protection officers as well as risk and compliance officers or those who will soon be taking on one of these tasks.

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