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#6 – What’s Up Digital Lending?

Building a Loyal Investor Base & the Future of Digital Lending, Florian Kübler, Co-Founder, Lend, Switzerland
In today’s podcast we chat to Florian Kübler of Lend, a digital lender from Zurich. We dive deep into the history of his company and hear how the platform is disrupting the way of lending and investing in his country. Lend rethought credit assessment with their data centric loan intelligence and machine learning. Listen in and find out what’s up in Switzerland.Guests: Florian Kübler, Co-Founder & CEO, Lend, Switzerland

Host: Constantin Fabricius, Managing Director, Digital Lending Association

Please note: The content of this podcast is expressly not to be considered investment advice, but is intended solely for your information.
For the complete episode click here please or just listen into the audiogramme.