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Book Presentation Celebrated

Book presentation of the 2nd edition of the well-known Siering/Izzo-Wagner commentary on the German Investment Law and the ECSPR. 3 of DLA's founders and our Managing Director contributed to it as co-authors. A thrilling agenda and reception afterwards offered a brilliant opportunity to exchange views and to network.



Marc von Ammon, DLA co-founder & co-author
Dr. Lea Maria Siering & Dr. Anna Lucia Izzo-Wagner, Co-Editors
Venue: Annerton Law in Berlin
Panel discussion on real estate investments between German Investment Law and EU Crowdfunding Regulation together with Dr. Lea Maria Siering, Markus Kreuter (CEO, Zinsbaustein), Marc Laubenheimer (CEO, EV Digital Invest) and Daniel Weitmann (General Counsel, Exporo)
Keynote of Prof. Dr. Lars Klöhn, Humboldt University
Expert dialogue between Andreas Knopf (DLA co-founder, co-author, and General Counsel with INVESDOR INV.) and Constantin Fabricius (DLA Managing Director and co-author)