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Workshop on Digital Identification, Onboarding & AML

In a 3,5h workshop designed for specialists and managers involved in identity management the participants were presented the latest developments and insights by highly qualified branch experts.

When did the workhop happen?

09/26/2023, online

Who were the trainers?

Dr. Anna Izzo-Wagner, Lawyer, Founding Partner & Managing Director, Annerton

Till-Christopher Otto, Lawyer, Senior Associate, Annerton

Jonas Burckgard, Lawyer, Associate, Annerton

What were the targets?

The need for reliable identity management concepts is greater than ever. The overall objective is the integration of privacy and trustworthiness into all business phases starting with the onboarding process.  What are the technical, legal and regulatory challenges? And which solutions exist on the market?

In this webinar, participants learned the various aspects of contemporary identity management and be provided with practical solutions for their day-to-day work. They were shown how to design onboarding processes in a legally compliant manner and thus ensure a unique customer experience with the aim to increase the conversion rate.

What was the timetable & content?

Presentation by Dr. Anna Izzo-Wagner, Till-Christopher Otto & Jonas Burckgard, Annerton

            • Prerequisites on Customer Onboardings
            • Particularities for Onboarding Processes in the Financial Sector
            • Including Third Parties in the Onboarding-Process: Considerations with Regard to Outsourcing Requirements
            • Examples and Best Practices

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