Digital Lending Association


27 Nov: Quarterly Briefing 4/23

As we transition into the Christmas season let's quickly reflect on the latest updates. We are very happy to welcome 3 new members, shed the light on a few key regulatory developments, and present upcoming events.

15 Sep: #6 – FINTICS – The Podcast

Future Financing Act and crowdfunding: drama, next act. 4 highly qualified experts of the policy, fintech, research, and Brussels space discuss the government draft for the future financing act and its relevance for crowdfunding.

07 Sep: Book Presentation Celebrated

Book presentation of the 2nd edition of the well-known Siering/Izzo-Wagner commentary on the German Investment Law and the ECSPR. 3 of DLA's founders and our Managing Director contributed to it as co-authors. A thrilling agenda and reception afterwards offered a brilliant opportunity to exchange views and to network.