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Q&A – “We were particularly attracted to a trade body that emphasizes transparency”

Dean Hastie, Co-Founder and CEO of Tapline from Munich, talks about the start-up of his company, the business model as well as the motivation to become a member of our trade body.


VdK: Dear Dean, why did you found your company?

Dean Hastie: Personally, I have always aspired to become an entrepreneur because the prospect of creating something that can have a positive impact has been a significant motivating factor for me. My opportunity to pursue this ambition arose while working in the venture industry alongside Taplines‘ co-founder, Peter Grouev. Through our work, we observed several challenges that high-growth SaaS (software as a service) companies encounter when seeking financing, and we decided to address these issues. Now, after 18 months, we have successfully secured our first € 30 Mio financing facility to provide non-dilutive growth capital to these entrepreneurs.

VdK: What exactly is the business model of your company?

Dean Hastie: In essence, Tapline is an innovative financing solution that enables SaaS companies to trade their future revenues for upfront capital. It’s a fast and efficient way allowing these companies to finance their growth without having to dilute their equity, with the entire process taking just 48 hours. Given that SaaS companies usually require external capital to grow, particularly in the early stages of their development, our finance platform offers founders a reliable means of securing funding, even monthly. In addition, we offer a data analytics dashboard that provides founders with a comprehensive overview of their company’s most important metrics, which is beneficial to our clients.

VdK: Why was it important for you to become a member of our trade body?

Dean Hastie: We felt it was crucial to become a member of the Digital Lending Association because it offers us a wealth of industry information, research, and best practices that are invaluable to our sector. Moreover, we were drawn to the networking opportunities and the chance to connect with a community of like-minded professionals who can support one another through partnerships and collaborations. We were particularly attracted to a trade body that emphasizes transparency, which is essential for lenders who bear a significant responsibility in ensuring responsible lending practices. All of these factors made joining the Digital Lending Association an easy decision for us.

VdK: Thank you very much for the interview, Dean. Glad you’re part of our organisation now.